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Helping high-performers move up or move on in their career


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My story

Meet Cathryn

Leadership Career Coach | CEO Coach

Over the past 30 years I’ve helped many hundreds of people from all over the world land their dream role, and create and live more fulfilling lives.

My experience in a variety of management roles - from large corporates to tech start-ups - has given me a great understanding of the challenges people face, in managing the day to day demands of work as well as career planning for the longer-term.

I set up my coaching practice in 2007, and now focus on a range of personalised programmes to help my clients get to where they want - at their pace.


Want to get promoted (or land a great job elsewhere)? Then stop procrastinating and start getting things done.... 

                                want to explore alternative career options but you're stuck or don't know where to start?

                                know that your CV doesn't present you in the best possible light?

                                lack confidence, have low self esteem or experience impostor syndrome?

                                struggle with feelings of burnout or want to develop your resilience?

                                struggle to sell yourself?

                                find it challenging negotiating on salary and settle for less than you're worth?

                                dread going for interviews & worry about difficult questions coming up?

                       ... then please GET IN TOUCH and let’s have a chat!

I can help with a step by step supported plan, giving you more confidence, clarity on what you’re looking for, tools, new skills, advice. And I will challenge you (gently!) where needed.

Do you?...



An effective  programme to develop your self-understanding, determining your options and planning a clear and confident route back to work.



A proven 3-step Programme for professionals who are looking to transform their career prospects and land their perfect role.



My Programme for ambitious professionals who are looking to make a positive impression, deliver with impact, perform successfully and navigate the landscape in their new role.



Providing specialised job search support to those facing redundancy through practical and emotional specialist career coaching support. 

My Programmes

"Working with Cathryn has had a dramatic effect on my life in a short space of time. Easy to talk to, open and non-judgemental, she takes time to understand what's really going on"

Charlotte, UK



"Working with Cathryn is like taking a tonic - she should be available on the NHS!"

- CJ, Cambridge

Cathryn’s Coaching Programme includes so many hints, tips and extremely practical actions to take that you can’t fail to gain renewed motivation. She always provides a next step.

Margaret, London

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