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The ups and downs of running your own business can feel like a rollercoaster ride.  From the thrill of securing your first clients – and delighting them - to anxiety around cashflow or deciding whether to take on your first hire.


From losing sleep over an imagined downturn in business, to the phone ringing the following day with an opportunity bigger than you’ve ever dealt with (and you're not sure you can manage it!)

Whether your business becomes everything you ever dreamt of - or your worst nightmare - is up to you.

A coach will help you build a business that works for you. Making sure you're investing your time on the right things. Bringing system and process-thinking into the day-to-day – leading to the creation of a business of value. A business that doesn’t depend on you being there every minute of every day, forever. Where you attract clients you want to work with.  Where your team eventually manages the day to day using processes you set up from day one, freeing you up for a holiday or to work on your next exciting venture. 

From managing your time effectively to building a business that can scale and give you a great return on your time and financial investment, your coach is there for you as your sounding board and mentor, with the tools, skills and experience to support you, every step of the way.

What does it cost? 

Business Audit                                                                          £4,995

Quarterly Business Coaching                                               £7,495


Non-executive Director                                                   £2,500pm

Monthly programmes include:

  • Full email support and check-ins between sessions

  • Ad-hoc calls to support you with challenging on-the-job situations 

  • Access to my toolkit, library and all training materials to support you as your business grows

  • Introductions to people in my network and any relevant business opportunities 

What’s next?
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How does it work?

We start with a comprehensive 2 hour audit of your business, where we explore your vision, your operation, your systems and any processes you have in place across Service, Product, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT and Finance.


And importantly, we determine what you're prepared to give your business – and what you hope for in return.

This exploratory audit session gives you the opportunity to work with me, and to dip into my bank of experience, so you’re in a good position to decide whether you’d like to work with me as your coach.

From there I recommend a programme tailored to your needs.


If you’re just setting out and would like ad-hoc coaching, 90-minute business coaching sessions start from £300.

Clients with fledgling businesses often start with “Business basics” (from £500 pm), providing 2 monthly 90-minute business sessions). They progress to the monthly programme to support and sustain their business (and themselves!) as they grow.

I hired Cathryn to help me build a high performance team, iterating until we got the team that the company needed to scale.


Cathryn is an independent thinker, she offered invaluable perspectives and constant reliable support through the transition of the new hires into team members."


Alex Mifsud, CEO Ixaris Systems Ltd

Cathryn has helped develop my businesses and smooth out the day-to-day running. She’s identified our talent gaps, and built a positive workplace culture where everyone feels supported, including myself.  She is a strong ally and trusted confidant, and I value her calmness,  rationality,  and her creative and proactive approach to problem-solving.


Stephen Cribbett 

Further & Versiti

Cathryn understands enterprising people because she is one herself. I’ve valued her contribution, in particular her integrity in balancing the interests of the employee and the company.


 Pilgrim Beart - Technology Entrepreneur, Company Founder, CEO

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