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I love helping others succeed! It brings me huge joy to know that I’ve facilitated and supported people to achieve their goals whilst becoming the best version of themselves.

I understand that everyone's circumstances are different and the ‘off the shelf’ programmes might not work for you. That’s why I encourage anyone wanting career coaching or coaching support and who can’t see something that fits, to get in touch.

We can design a bespoke tailored coaching plan that suits you perfectly!

The Career Transformation Programme

A proven 3-step Programme for professionals who are looking to transform their career prospects and land their perfect role. The programme is tailored to your individual requirements, spending time on the areas you need most, and proceeding at a pace that's right for you. That’s whether you need to find a new role quickly, or proceed at a steadier pace while exploring your options.

Returning to Work

I can help you to determine your options and plan a clear and confident route back to work maximising your chances of achieving a return to working life that fits with your life outside of work.

By understanding your motivations to work and a clear view of your strengths and skills, I can help build your self-confidence and guide you through the process.

Working from Home

Team workshops

Effective teamwork is essential for achieving business success, and a highly effective way to create strong teams is through team building workshops. My collaborative team sessions  help teams align on priorities, common goals, strengths & working styles through a structured and engaging environment using DISC profiling to provide additional insights. 

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The Career Success Programme

A programme for ambitious professionals who are looking to make a positive impression, deliver with impact, perform successfully and navigate the landscape in their new role.The programme is tailored to your individual requirements, spending time on the areas you need most with monthly coaching sessions, and proceeding at a pace that's right for you providing a sounding board as you embark on the next stage of your career.

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Performance & Leadership Coaching

Your values shape your integrity as a leader, so I design my coaching to give you the stimulus and space to reflect on, realign and supercharge your strengths and vision. Together, we will define your role and the work culture you want to create.

With regular coaching sessions, I work alongside you providing invaluable perspectives, guidance and reliable support.

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Events and Keynote speaking

I am proud to be a regular speaker at events across the UK engaging my audience with my insights into career improvement and success.

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Working with Cathryn is like taking a tonic - she should be available on the NHS!

CJ, Cambridge

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