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CEO | Founder coaching

It is tough being a Founder CEO. In Horowitz' book 'The hard things about hard things' he describes just how tough.


Dealing with people, hiring, managing performance, motivating, and taking action when things aren’t working out.  You find decisions made on the fly – particularly regarding the expectations of those who work for you – can create headaches for the future. And that’s just inside the business. Dealing with VCs, suppliers, contractors and early adopter customers  - it’s all consuming.


I’ve worked closely with Founder CEOs for over 20 years. Since joining my first start-up in a business incubator in Cambridge in 2000, I have been there for the CEO as a sounding board, supporter (and challenger when needed!)


I explore what the business means for you and ensure this remains a factor in business decisions. Goals and targets are committed to writing, and genuine, achievable, plans with measurable targets and KPIs are developed for you and your team, providing accountability against plans, goals and decision making.


I undertake an audit of what you have in place so far, and what needs to be addressed to create an efficient business that can scale. We review current employees, headcount, efficiency and identify current issues, and understand the long, and short, term goals for the business and how the current team matches the requirements for where the business needs to be, going on to developing and facilitating a plan totransform the current team into the team that is required  to achieve the goals agreed.


I hired Cathryn to help me build a high performance team, iterating until we got the team that the company needed to scale.


Cathryn is an independent thinker, she offered invaluable perspectives and constant reliable support through the transition of the new hires into team members."


Alex Mifsud, CEO Ixaris Systems Ltd

Cathryn has helped develop my businesses and smooth out the day-to-day running. She’s identified our talent gaps, and built a positive workplace culture where everyone feels supported, including myself.  She is a strong ally and trusted confidant, and I value her calmness,  rationality,  and her creative and proactive approach to problem-solving.


Stephen Cribbett 

Further & Versiti

Cathryn understands enterprising people because she is one herself. I’ve valued her contribution, in particular her integrity in balancing the interests of the employee and the company.


 Pilgrim Beart - Technology Entrepreneur, Company Founder, CEO

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