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I'm delighted to share my new e-book, 2022 Life Review with you.

These past three years have been like no other we have experienced and our lives have been impacted in so many ways, both personally and professionally. Although there is still some uncertainty, we can start thinking about the future  and focusing on our new goals for 2023.


The review will help you reflect on 2022, what you've achieved, what you've put on hold, realisations that you have had - and even some  helpful and unhelpful habits you may have picked up or developed along the way!

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I hired Cathryn to help me build a high performance team, iterating until we got the team that the company needed to scale.


Cathryn is an independent thinker, she offered invaluable perspectives and constant reliable support through the transition of the new hires into team members."


Alex Mifsud, CEO Ixaris Systems Ltd

Cathryn has helped develop my businesses and smooth out the day-to-day running. She’s identified our talent gaps, and built a positive workplace culture where everyone feels supported, including myself.  She is a strong ally and trusted confidant, and I value her calmness,  rationality,  and her creative and proactive approach to problem-solving.


Stephen Cribbett 

Further & Versiti

Cathryn understands enterprising people because she is one herself. I’ve valued her contribution, in particular her integrity in balancing the interests of the employee and the company.


 Pilgrim Beart - Technology Entrepreneur, Company Founder, CEO

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