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Being out of work is difficult at the best of times. It’s daunting having to look for a new job - I’ve been in this position myself in the past.  


Sitting in front of your screen, job hunting 8 hours a day. You’re exhausted, you procrastinate and feel frustrated that you haven't gained any ground. 


In this 90 minute coaching session we’ll create a job-hunting strategy that works for you. From writing your CV and LinkedIn profile, to mapping out different routes to finding your perfect job, you will have a workable plan to get you there quickly. We’ll explore some of the lesser known secrets to getting yourself in front of the employers you’d love to work for.


Cost: £199 for one 90 minute session 


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"Working with Cathryn has had a dramatic effect on my life in a short space of time. Easy to talk to, open and non-judgemental, she takes time to understand what's really going on"

Charlotte, UK



"Working with Cathryn is like taking a tonic - she should be available on the NHS!"

- CJ, Cambridge

“Cathryn has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance in our coaching sessions over the years. I have gained so much from her expertise and personable approach."

-Peter, London

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