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Step number one in the mindset coaching process: you must have a desire to change. Everyone wants to be better but not everyone wants to do what it takes to be better.

 But if you’ve made it to this page, then you’re at least headed in the right direction. Looking into mindset coaching means that you acknowledge the gaps in your life and you’re looking for something to fill them. I can help you:

  • Gain self-awareness

  • Create accountability

  • Increase motivation

  • Set realistic goals

  • Engage in self-reflection

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"Working with Cathryn has had a dramatic effect on my life in a short space of time. Easy to talk to, open and non-judgemental, she takes time to understand what's really going on"

Charlotte, UK

"I found Cathryn mid-pandemic, a few months into a “quarter life crisis"..Cathryn was extremely supportive and suggested options to help me make my life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

I  feel so much happier and confident now"

Katrina, London

“Cathryn has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance in our coaching sessions over the years. I have gained so much from her expertise and personable approach."

-Peter, London

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