Outplacement service


If your employment is coming to an end, your employer may agree (perhaps as part of a severance package) to pay for outplacement to support you as you prepare yourself for your next employment.

During this outplacement programme we'll review your CV and LinkedIn profile, assess your transferable skills, carry out a DISC profile and support you as you explore the possibilities for your future.


We'll help with advice on  how to go about finding your next role, identifying opportunities, preparing you for interviews, providing support until you land your next role.


Or if you're considering going freelance or setting up your own business we'll explore these options with you too.


If you're looking for a step by step supported plan, providing you with ideas, confidence, clarity and results,  then read on!

How long does the programme take to complete? 


This is really up to you - we’ll come up with a plan and a timeline that works for you. If you are completely committed, and have time and energy, the entire programme can be completed in 2 weeks - and you’ll be raring to go!  

What does it cost? 


The cost of the entire programme starts from £1,499, including all tools, your CV, and one-to-one coaching support. 

The majority of my clients found that the programme paid for itself quickly as they found (1) higher paying work, and (2) they did this faster than they would’ve been able to do on their own. 

The skills and knowledge you gain through the programme will last throughout your career.
Other packages and pricing plans can be tailored to meet your specific needs,

What’s next?
Click here to book your free 30 minute taster session, I look forward to meeting you!

What does this programme include?

  • Up to 6 months of support, comprising 6 hours of personal 1-1 coaching support via Zoom (which can be taken as 8 x 45min sessions if preferred).

  • Review of your CV and LinkedIn profile

  • A job hunting plan with support

  • Full email support and check ins between calls

  • Interview preparation

  • An online DISC profile and analysis.

  • Access to my coaching toolkit and 35 years’ experience in management roles in the UK, South Africa & Malta.

  • Introductions to anyone who may be relevant in my network.

What can I expect?
It’s hard work, as with most things in life there’s no quick fix, but you will feel motivated, gain knowledge, skills and experience to last throughout your career.  

Together we will be stretching your ‘comfort zone’, building your motivation and enthusiasm to prepare you as you embark on your new role/career. 

You will need to allocate time for ‘’homework’’, as you’ll have actions to complete between calls. 
You’ll feel more confident and hopeful and we’ll have some fun along the way!


My 7 Step Programme

"Working with Cathryn has had a dramatic effect on my life in a short space of time. Easy to talk to, open and non-judgemental, she takes time to understand what's really going on"

Charlotte, UK



"Working with Cathryn is like taking a tonic - she should be available on the NHS!"

- CJ, Cambridge

“Cathryn has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance in our coaching sessions over the years. I have gained so much from her expertise and personable approach."

-Peter, London

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