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What my clients say

Cathryn is a brilliantly empathetic, focussed and energising coach who takes time to really understand your situation and then helps set a clear plan ahead.

At the point of my career review -  inherently stressful - she helped alleviate the pressure and through structured coaching helped me choose the right course of action for me.


In my case this was to start my own business. Cathryn helped by inspiring confidence whilst providing some really useful ideas on how to get my business started, supporting me through to my first customer on-board.


-Tim Ogle

Highly, highly, recommend Cathryn as a career coach.


Height of professionalism and wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.  I’ve had career coaches before, but Cathryn is by far the best.

Life is too short to be doing a job you’re not happy with or in; so liaise with Cathryn who will be able to help and support you on your path to a dream job or next career move.


Thank you so much Cathryn for all you have done for me!! Looking forward to my next career adventure 🙂


-Katy Wood, Senior Nurse 

I never knew looking for a job could be so much fun! Having Cathryn's support, enthusiasm and encouragement coaching me through every step of my journey has been a highlight in my career and something I wish I'd done sooner. It's put me in the driving seat of my career giving me the confidence to unlock my potential. I feel very lucky to have worked with Cathryn and Investing in my future with her is the best decision I've made.


-Macey Webber, Sales Team Manager 

I can’t recommend Cathryn enough. She gave me clear direction and helped me recognise my talents, strengths and weakness whilst broadening my career horizons. I really loved and looked forward to our zoom meetings I just wished I had found her earlier.

She was an immense support and my investment was money well spent - bringing so much value. Cathryn has such a lovely manner and felt at ease straight away discussing challenges.

Cathryn is a true professional – she has many talents from mentor, counsellor, job coach and fairy god mother.


-Rhian Hughes, Senior Technologist 

Successfully making the official transition to becoming a freelance consultant, in an extremely short amount of time, is a credit to the coaching I have received from Cathryn. She saw the vision and empowered me to step forward in confidence. Cathryn is no-nonsense but is also extremely wise and kind. If you need someone to firmly guide you toward your dreams, I would suggest getting in touch with her.


Moving firmly into the Consultancy space has been tough – the change called for me to challenge my imposter syndrome, own my value and have the audacity to confidently share the expertise people sought to access for free.


I have nothing but praise for a woman who chooses to inspire and support ‘just because’. I recommend her services and methods whole-heatedly and am grateful that I was able to work with such a wonderfully talented human.  Thank you, Cathryn! 



"I have worked with Cathryn for some years and I strongly recommend her as a coach. She blends her personal warmth and integrity with a high level of competence and insight, as well as a witty humour. This is what makes her a great and fun person to work with."


-Patrick Psaila, PsyPotential

"I found Cathryn mid-pandemic, a few months into a “quarter life crisis”, not really knowing who I was, having an extreme lack of purpose, hating my job, not knowing how to enjoy my spare time and feeling anxious about my future.


It sounds cliché but working with Cathryn through this programme has honestly changed my life. We explored my values, what activities I could try out that may bring me joy, what is meaningful to me as well as ways of getting out of the sticky job situation I was in and into doing something I enjoyed.


Cathryn was extremely supportive, checked in with me, offered advice and suggested options to help me make my life more fulfilling and enjoyable (despite the pandemic and several restrictions).


I  feel so much happier and confident now, I have quit my job and gone freelance, started volunteering and helping people where I can. I know so much more about who I am, what makes me me, what I bring to the table and how I want to live my life (for now).


Thoughts about the future feel exciting to me and I know I couldn’t have got to this wonderful place without her! Thank you Cathryn."

-Katrina, London 

"Working with Cathryn is like taking a tonic - she should be available on the NHS!"

-CJ, Cambridge

"A very enjoyable and interesting few weeks of coaching sessions. Cathryn's positive outlook is contagious and I'm very pleased to have finished our sessions with a clear direction, the motivation to achieve my goal and a little of her proactive attitude!

Cathryn has a wonderful ability to draw out the positives in a seemingly unpromising situation and help focus your attention on the opportunities each situation offers. I had coaching sessions as I wasn't having any luck in finding a job: we expanded my goal to look at potential careers, as well as the immediate goal of finding a job, to great success.

Her approach was very pragmatic and this dispelled any worries I had that the coaching sessions would be 'fluffy' by anchoring the theoretical concepts we discussed in the business/real world and explaining how I could adapt these concepts to achieve my goals. Cathryn has been continually encouraging and made a huge difference on how I view my goals and my understanding of how I operate; this has been an incredibly beneficial process for me."

- S Lee

"This is the first time I have used a coach and I can thoroughly recommend the experience. I now have focus and direction and am planning the next stage of my working life from a much better platform. I have a new career path planned which I know will be far more rewarding than before. Cathryn has opened up so many possibilities that I hadn’t realised were there for me."

- John S, West Sussex

"I have found the coaching sessions very beneficial. Cathryn has helped me to make order of my 'working' day since giving up work and starting my own business. I have worked through various issues such as prioritising my tasks, gaining balance between them and ensuring that I have some time for me. I have found our sessions very motivating and it has helped having someone to help me recognise the amount that I do and the overall workload that I have. She has also helped me to recognise that I should be able to put some time aside every day for myself without feeling guilty about it!"

-C, Milton Keynes

I’m so thrilled that I found Cathryn. I’m just 3 sessions in, over 6 weeks, and she is already helping  me. The difference is quite phenomenal. I’ve been pretty lucky with my life, family, friends, reasonable career etc but I’ve never really felt that I’ve chosen my way..  I’ve simply felt that things have happened to me and it’s been ok and I’ve made the most of opportunities that have come around. Now, though through a series of work events, I’m feeling less in control and, at times, can feel pretty down.

I first contacted Cathryn because I wanted her to help me decide what to do in a year’s time. She is helping me, not only with that medium term goal, but with The Now! ‘Why wait til next year to feel great’ she says... ‘wouldn’t you like to have that great feeling now?’ And, yes, of course I would. I just didn’t really think that I had that within my power.

Cathryn is great for simplifying situations. For ‘cutting to the chase’. She has worked in commercial environments so she understands completely the stresses of a business environment. I think she really understands and empathises with my ‘sometimes’ feelings of being an ‘imposter’ and being ‘out of control’.


She is just fabulous at boosting my confidence and really makes me believe that I have a huge amount to give.

She’s inspirational, thoughtful, kind AND funny. She is teaching me to listen. She is helping me to feel more connected. I’m now taking time to breathe and to try and stay calmer. I’m finding that its ok if I don’t always have the answers to everything and that maybe others can help.

And really importantly, Cathryn is helping me to feel really excited about my future!!

If you’re thinking about Life Coaching. Give it a go. You’ve absolutely nothing to lose. You might think it an expensive luxury but it’s your life, and if you can improve your feeling of wellbeing either in your work or home life (or both!) then that must be worth any multiple of the hourly fees..


-Vanda Bauer, Luxury Travel Marketing, Sussex

I sought out Cathryn's help recently when I was looking for the next step in my career having reassessed things during the pandemic and been through a difficult time. Feeling at a low ebb and with my confidence in myself at an all time low, Cathryn got straight to the point, ramped up the energy, set me to work and helped me see myself as others do - a really capable, effective and efficient leader with bags of experience that would add value to any organisation.

She supported me in getting my CV sorted out, helping me to write it in a way that looked to future roles rather than focussing on more of the same.

Getting my LinkedIn profile fit for purpose has been the key to find a new, exciting role that I start soon and I really believe I wouldn't have been able to get there so quickly without Cathryn's unfailing support and guidance. If the position you're in sounds familiar, invest in yourself, it's really worth it!

- Ruth Drury, Business Change &Tech Transformation Leader 

Deciding to hire a career coach was the second best decision I've made in the last twenty years. Hiring Cathryn was the best decision !


What else could an uninspired directionless middle-aged man do? Because until recently that’s exactly where I was in my life. But after a consultation with Cathryn my initial scepticism melted away to be replaced by enthusiasm and seemingly limitless possibilities.

Through her years of experience of working with people from all kinds of backgrounds Cathryn was able to put together a structured personalised plan that suited my needs. One of Cathryn’s wonderful qualities is that she is a great listener and this helped us to focus on an achievable goal-orientated outcome.

Cathryn's approach is scientific and together with her personal warmth, charm and great sense of humour the experience of working with her has been truly invigorating.

Cathryn has been an absolute inspiration for me personally.


She so obviously loves what she does in helping others to identify and achieve goals they previously thought unattainable or to simply manage current situations in a completely different way. Thanks to the inspirational Cathryn I’m now training to be a coach myself!

Would I recommend Cathryn as a coach ? You haven't been paying attention have you……...


-Max Alexander 

Cathryn’s Coaching Programme includes so many hints, tips and extremely practical actions to take that you can’t fail to gain renewed motivation. She always provides a next step.


Beyond her practical knowledge, the real value of the programme is the personal level of encouragement and sustained support Cathryn provides.

-Margaret Scott, Business Owner 

I can't recommend Cathryn highly enough, both as a coach but also someone who can help with revitalising your CV, helping to tease out key details and focus on getting "you" across to potential employers, search consultants etc.


-David Joyce, CEO 

I wanted to say a big thanks to you for your help with my LinkedIn profile. The re-write and changes have really made a difference in how people connect with me. This week alone I have created 7 meetings from new conversations.


-Senior Executive 

"Cathryn is an excellent career and personal development coach who has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance in our coaching sessions over the years. I have gained so much from her expertise and personable approach. And a lot of laughs along the way!"

-Peter, Technical Consultant, London

"I landed in a new country with a belief of a better future - to be met by Covid-19 and endless lockdowns. And the industry I'd worked in for over 30 years - tourism -  had taken the biggest downturn.

My confidence was at a low - I doubted myself and my skills - and whether they'd be relevant in this new setting.  My CV needed a LOT of work… and then Cathryn came to the rescue!


Cathryn is a caring empathetic listener - she helped me unpack all my skills (I began to think I had none!), showing me how they could be transferred and be relevant to other industries. We updated my CV and created a LinkedIn profile that made me stand out.  Through our consultative sessions, I now think differently, believe in myself and my skillsets, and am in a position to put myself out there with confidence for future career opportunities. 


Cathryn, from the bottom of my heart – thank you for your patience, encouragement, kindness and friendship – I value them all dearly."


-Erica, UK 

Cathryn is easy to talk to, open and non-judgemental and working with her has had a dramatic effect on my life in a short space of time. 


She doesn't leap  in with instant solutions - she takes time to understand what's really going on; she's incredibly insightful and, after just a couple of sessions with her, there are 3 key changes to my working practices that we've come to through our conversations - these have had a huge impact on my emotional wellbeing and my productivity.


I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload - both professional and domestic - and trapped by lifelong habits of procrastination and disorganisation.


With Cathryn's support, I am changing those habits - and it has a spiralling effect; the more in control I feel, the more I feel able to keep working independently on putting structures in place to meet my goals and take good care of myself. I couldn't recommend Cathryn more highly and if you're wondering if coaching will really bring you the changes you're hoping for, all I can tell you is that it has for me!"

-Charlotte, UK

"I really benefited from taking some time out to think about myself and what I am trying to achieve long and short term - it was enlightening.


Decisions and plans formed in these sessions have changed my outlook, making me more focused. My situation has now dramatically improved. When I use the techniques I learnt during the coaching sessions, I am more productive, less stressed and happier in what I am achieving. If I hadn't had the coaching, I would still be in a mess and not feeling as if I was completing anything properly.


I would recommend anyone who is considering coaching to do it! It gives you an opportunity to take stock and work out how to be the best you can. I was coached by telephone and found I built a connection very quickly over the phone with Cathryn and she understood what I needed perfectly."

-LD, Marketing Manager, SAP

I received coaching from Cathryn 2 years ago and it remains one of the best decisions I have ever made. After a succesful 10 years working in London I felt lost after a bereavement and began to question what I wanted out of life. Working with Cathryn allowed me to identify areas in my life that I wanted to improve and tackle them one step at a time.


By setting manageable tasks and goals Cathryn empowered me to work on areas I knew I wanted to improve and make bold decisions which I would never have made before the coaching.


Two years later and after a year of exploring the world, I am now working in my dream job at a leading not-for-profit. Without coaching I do not think I would have had the courage to try to work in such a different industry nor would I have taken a mid-life sabbatical and met so many inspiring people. Cathryn’s advice about how to be assertive and have tough conversations with people you care about  is still something I put into practice every day.


- Kerry, Senior Lawyer, London

I initially started working with Cathryn in October 2012 when I was at a cross roads in my life both personally and professionally. Through our first sessions Cathryn gave me some immediate tips to help me move forward with my life. As our sessions evolved we started thinking more long term and putting strategies in place and practicing some really useful tools.

Since coaching my career has elevated to a role that I am truly passionate about. My personal life I am literally living "my best life'. When I look back to where I was 6 years ago and where I am now, I cannot believe the transformation.


I am also very open and honest to those around me and those in my team that I have worked hard for this life and for my career, it has not come easy and it has been through hard work, constant self reflection and using the tools Cathryn gives me. Our sessions has allowed me to get to where I want to be in work, love, and in life.

For me coaching is definitely my "me" time, a chance to reflect on what is working and what isn't working in my life. What I really like is we don't delve too much into the past, we acknowledge it and look at what we can learn from it, what impact it has now, but it is not focus area. What we focus on is the now and the next chapters. One thing I will always carry with me from my coaching is that I am the one in control of my life. This is something I have learned through my sessions and this mindset has allowed me to find love in my life and in my work.

I would definitely recommend coaching, it is for people in all stages in their life, not just people like myself that found them at a crossroads, as I am well and truly on the path I want to be on and coaching is still very much for me.

- Diana Johnson, Wimbledon

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